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JC-MP Road Trip, Hosted by TheStuffJunky, Sunday May 17th @ 3 pm EDT.

by on May.14, 2015, under Games, General, JC2-MP, PC

roadtrip5172005We hope to welcome you to another roadtrip sponsored by and hosted on Gaveroid’s Scavenger Hunt server, and designed and coordinated by TheStuffJunky.

Sunday May 17th @ 3pm EDT


This roadtrip will pit your skills of offroad driving and 4x4ing, to speedboats in tight places, to uphill driving in the snowy reaches at Ski Resort; but, most importantly, your skills of having fun.

roadtripWe start our adventure on the easy roads in the North Desert. We drive up through the North-East desert to the military base and launch our vehicles to the River for a challenging speedboat course. We cruise down the River, make a few lefts and rights, and start driving to AP2. At AP2, we take small squads of planes to the far North AP. We then drive towards Gaveroid Broadcasting Company, and then up a windy road to launch at the next AP East. We meet at the North Runway and pit our skills on an ever-more-difficult 4×4 offroad course. We then take a short drive to the farthest North Village in Ular oil country and then take boats to the Harbor just West from MHC. We drive to Ski Resort, endure a long uphill offroad battle to the military base North of Ski Resort, launch ~100 meters down landing on the slopes, and regroup at Ski Resort. We drive to Dish and have a mini ‘smash ‘em up’ and everyone will launch South out of Dish meeting on the highway. From there, we will drive an on-edge mountainside route to Casino and launch towards the Lagoon. We convene and take speedboats (or you can choose /jesus and take any vehicle) to Skull Island for a few round of Ultimate Mayhem. After everyone let their steam out, we take a few lefts and rights in more close spaces through the North Major Cities of Panau and head towards PIA. From PIA we fly to Lost Island and claim some loot. *it is optional to go to Ice Lake and have a crazy derby. Ice Lake is G=TP menu, Strange Locations, Ice Lake.



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