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Tag: Steam

JC3:MP 1.0.0 Released on Steam, new features on our server!

by on Jul.21, 2017, under Games, PC

jc3mpJust Cause 3 Multiplayer version 1.0.0 released today on Steam. We have a server up and running as always for you to enjoy. It’s been a lot of fun playing this evening, we suggest you try it out yourself – for free if you already own Just Cause 3.

Along with the release of our version 1.0.0 server, we have added a YouTube Cinema (/tp cinema, F9 to open GUI) and in-car streaming radio with real radio stations from around the world (prompt on-screen upon vehicle entry) for you to enjoy. We hope you enjoy these awesome new additions.

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Rockstar Games releases new statement on modding, potential return of OpenIV

by on Jun.23, 2017, under General

The publisher of many Rockstar Games titles, Take-Two Interactive, recently sent a cease and desist letter to the team of the popular modding software OpenIV. For the last decade, the OpenIV team has worked to add a wealth of modding support to a few of Rockstar’s key products including Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V at no cost to Rockstar, Take-Two, or players. In the name of keeping the integrity of Grand Theft Auto Online (the name for the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V), OpenIV was forced to close up shop – even though the sort of mods it supported did not affect or were not intended to affect the online experience.

As of June 23rd, 2017, Rockstar have released a statement on their support website about the future of single player modding. It reads:

Question: Are PC Single-Player Mods Allowed?

Answer: Rockstar Games believes in reasonable fan creativity, and, in particular, wants creators to showcase their passion for our games. After discussions with Take-Two, Take-Two has agreed that it generally will not take legal action against third-party projects involving Rockstar’s PC games that are single-player, non-commercial, and respect the intellectual property (IP) rights of third parties. This does not apply to (i) multiplayer or online services; (ii) tools, files, libraries, or functions that could be used to impact multiplayer or online services, or (iii) use or importation of other IP (including other Rockstar IP) in the project. This is not a license, and it does not constitute endorsement, approval, or authorization of any third-party project. Take-Two reserves the right to object to any third-party project, or to revise, revoke and/or withdraw this statement at any time in their own discretion. This statement does not constitute a waiver of any rights that Take-Two may have with respect to third-party projects.

Due to this major turn in the situation, there is a possibility that OpenIV may be returning. I was unable to find a download link on their website that still worked as of June 23rd, 2017 at 5:16 PM EST. Steam user Oz posted a screenshot of an alleged update to OpenIV titled “2.9.0 (Build 907; Date 6/23/2017)”. The validity of this image has not yet been totally confirmed, but other users in this Steam Community discussions thread where it was posted have reported similar results upon attempting to launch OpenIV. Thanks to Jeff (moderator of the Nanos Discord, speaking unofficially) for helping me locate information about the supposed update.

EDIT: PCGamer has received word from Rockstar that they are in talks with the developers of OpenIV.

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Gaveroid’s Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Server

by on Jan.07, 2017, under Games, General, PC


20161219173103_1We are proud to announce our new server, Gaveroid’s Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Server. The server is kind of light on features at the moment – however, new and awesome stuff for you to play with is on its way. At the moment we are hosting a windows version of the server software because of some incompatibilities with certain Linux servers and the Linux build of the server software. The Devs are working hard to release a fix.

We currently have Justcord installed, a bi-directional chat with JC3:MP chat and our #jc3mp channel on our Discord server. Justcord also show when s player joins and leaves the server in the #jc3mp channel.

The spawning of vehicles and weapons is possible by using the V and M keys. You can view the scoreboard by pressing P and see who else is online.

There are many location you can /tp to as well as using the chat command /goto [playername] to teleport to a certain player. As we become more familiar with the JC3:MP API we will introduce new features.

You can download the beta of the JC3:MP client from

Gaveroid’s Servers:

Gaveroid’s JC3MP Server –
Gaveroid’s JC2MP Server
Gaveroid’s DarkRP Server –
Gaveroid’s CS:GO Server –
Gaveroid’s Teamspeak Server –
Gaveroid’s Discord Server –


Gaveroid’s JC3:MP Server Rules:

These are simple and common sense.

  • Respect the Owner, staff and other players.
  • Do not argue with the Owner or staff, more than likely doing so will get you banned.
  • No spam.  *This is enforced when a player violates this rule “several” times.  This includes, but is not limited to, repeated keystrokes, weblinks, and CAPS, etc…  If players ask you to stop, that means to STOP.
  • NO defamatory language… a few words of rage is acceptable; carrying on is not.
  • NO language except English in chat.
  • NO soliciting. You cannot try to sell or promote anything on this server without prior consent from the Owner. This includes other game servers.
  • NO obsessive discussions about other game servers. To mention you are leaving to join another server is fine but to discuss other servers in greater detail is not.
  • NO Impersonating Gaveroid staff members.
  • NO cheating, hacks, or any programs that afford an unfair advantage.

* Violation of this rule is directly against Steam’s Online Conduct rules per:

If caught, you will be BANNED and potentially reported to Steam.

***However, if you stumble across an “exploit”, you may receive compensation for your honesty IF the exploit is reported to a member of staff within a reasonable span of time.  Upon discovery, we know you may want to duplicate the exploit to help prove it to a member of staff, feel free to do such. If within your testing it has an adverse result on a player and they oppose your actions, you may be banned. You will however be compensated substantially less than if you reported the exploit ‘almost’ immediately or prior to harassing another player.

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