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Archive for January, 2014

Gaveroid TeamSpeak 3 Server now up!

by on Jan.05, 2014, under Games, General, PC

We have recently opened up a TeamSpeak 3 server, to go along with our Just Cause 2 Multiplayer server! If you’d like to go check it out, the server is located at You should drop in for a few minutes if you can! 

Here’s a bit more about TeamSpeak 3.

TeamSpeak, a freeware gaming chat client originally released in October of 2001, is a popular way for gamers to voice chat with each other in games. Although it’s not marketed as such, it’s even useful for non-gaming situations. Unlike most chat/IM programs today (such as Skype, XFire, Yahoo Messenger, etc.), TeamSpeak requires a server to be set up, rather than using the more popular P2P method. The advantage to this is, game server owners can host their own TeamSpeak servers for users to chat on while playing. Some games have poor, or no voice chat at all, so TeamSpeak is a popular option.

TeamSpeak 2 was released a few years later, expanding upon the program, and introducing many new features. Instead of being distributed as an update to the original TeamSpeak client, it was released as a seperate download. This was because so many people still had their servers set up for the original version. That way, they wouldn’t have to setup their server all over again if they didn’t want to, as there were many changes added in TeamSpeak 2. TeamSpeak 2 offered users an address book (what is now the Bookmarks list), a public server browser, the ability to have multiple channels in a server, moderation utilities, better sound quality, and much more. TeamSpeak 2, although being replaced by TeamSpeak 3, is still available for download (TeamSpeak 1 has been discontinued, however).


TeamSpeak 3 was eventually released, bringing better voice quality, 3D sound virtualization, improved security, more customization (skins, scripting, etc.), and much more to the table. TeamSpeak 3 is the most popular version, being the most up-to-date. The 3D sound, although in reality slightly gimmicky, allows you to change the position of those in your channel. For example, while having a meeting about the server, you can place everyone in a different spot in a “round table” formation.

Today, TeamSpeak is still one of the most popular gaming voice-chat solutions. It has many competitors (including Mumble and Ventrilo, very similar programs), but it is still the one that most gamers prefer. Click here to learn more about TeamSpeak 3.

Download TeamSpeak 3

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