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Archive for May, 2013

Are you sure you want to install DayZ Breaking Point? For your computer’s sake, read this!

by on May.16, 2013, under Games, General, PC

For your computer’s sake, do your really want the fan-made variant of the popular DayZ mod for Arma 2 called DayZ Breaking Point on your computer? After reading about it’s antics where it scans your computer for hacks, do you really want to trust this mod that popped up out of the blue with all of your files?

I was thinking about installing a modification of the popular DayZ mod for Arma 2 (which you all probably know about, lol) called DayZ Breaking Point. It adds a few things and tweaks it a bit so it’s a more fun experience. I was thinking about installing it.DayZ Logo Banner found on the DayZ website's homepage located at

This is not meant to badmouth either vanilla DayZ (made by Dean “Rocket” Hall and his crew), by the way. Actually, vanilla DayZ is completely safe if you get it from a trusted source (the DayZ website, or DayZ Commander, possibly Six Launcher), I’m just calling out the fan-made modification of DayZ called DayZ Breaking Point. I am NOT badmouthing the original vanilla DayZ mod. Just Breaking Point. I just wanted to make that clear…

Well, here’s the thing. It scans your computer for hacks. Well, I don’t want some shady program scannin’ my ‘puter… me no likey (LOL)! Well, I also read that the Breaking Point lead developer said something kinda shady. Here’s the link to a copy of the conversation. Now, I don’t know if this conversation is real, but it seems like it probably is if you’re in a “better safe than sorry” state of mind. This was posted by a user who made a a post about it scanning your computer on the Brea…… well, see for yourself, actually!

Also, here’s a link to a forum post about hacking Breaking Point and bypassing the anti-hack scan (Even though I didn’t want to hack, I didn’t want this scanning my computer lol). This also tells what some people believe to be it’s scanning process and so forth.

So, just a warning to you guys out there; do you really want to have a guy like this making a program that scans your computer? I mean, even though that may not be something actually said by him… the fact that this new mod pops up outta the deep blue and it scans your computer (even if it does scan for anti-hack purposes) on launch of the mod.

Again, this is not meant to badmouth either vanilla DayZ (made by Dean “Rocket” Hall and his crew) or the DayZ Breaking Point mod (made by someone different, but based off of Rocket’s work), but just serving as a warning.


-by Gavin Trutzenbach

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Valve Steam Box prototypes in about a month

by on May.04, 2013, under Games, General

Piston The prototype versions of the Steam Box, codenamed Piston, Valve’s answer to console gaming should be ready for testing in about a month. From what i understand  some minor issues are trying to be addressed before hand. Typical noise and overheating problems along with a finalization for the controller layout. It is understood that Valve will send the prototypes out to gamers of their choosing, so i guess begging to get your hands on one will not work.

The demo unit of Piston featured at CES has the following features: ethernet port, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 4 eSATAp ports, 2 Mini Display Ports and 1 DisplayPort/HDMI port and much more.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts is CONFIRMED!

by on May.02, 2013, under Games, General

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