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Archive for June, 2015

Gaveroid’s Road Trip Hosted by TheStuffJunky, Sunday July 5th @ 3 pm EDT.

by on Jun.29, 2015, under Games, General, JC2-MP, PC

We hope to welcome you to another roadtrip sponsored by and hosted on Gaveroid’s Scavenger Hunt server, and designed and coordinated by our Mod, TheStuffJunky.

Sunday July 5th @ 3pm EDT

Welcome to the Gaveroid Panauja 2015. This roadtrip will pit your skills of offroad pre-runner style driving. Using Jeeps and trucks (or whatever your fancy), you will spend a lot of time using boost to maintain your balance on many uphill, on-edge cliff climbs, and drifting abilities in very sharp cornering. But, most importantly, this roadtrip will show off your skills of having

We start our adventure at the bottom of a mountain ridge south-west of desert airport 2 – this will be the most difficult leg of the roadtrip. When we reach the top of the mountain, we hook a slight left and launch off towards the radar facility. We drive up through the north-west desert for about 5km to a military base and launch our vehicles towards the small lake. We then cut across central desert for a few kilometers and reach the northern part of the desert river and cruise down the river, make a few lefts and rights, and launch our boats off at a small village in south-central desert. We then head for the swamps to cool off from the desert heat and drive through some unmarked swamp roads eventually meeting mid-east shoreline for a short break. After our break, we head through some more trees and cut westward through central desert for a ‘going for speed’ run and take a short climb up to desert airport 1. We ‘free for all’ north-east to another military base and take another small launch towards the river. Across the river, we get our vehicles and head south for another ‘free for all’-like ride to desert ship. A few more lefts, rights, jumps, and lost vehicles, we find ourselves at another village and take a big launch (near where we launched our boats) and scale another mountain cliff. At the top of the mountain, where we started, we all launch and boost as hard as we can.

You can find a map showing the route we will be taking and the vehicles we will use below:


Looking forward to seeing you all.

Server Address:
Port: 7777
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Fallout 4: Bethesda reveals countdown on Fallout official web site

by on Jun.02, 2015, under Games, General

fallout 4 countdown bethesda twitterThis just in; on Bethesda’s official website for the Fallout series, they’ve put up a countdown timer counting down to what we can only assume is the next Fallout game: Fallout 4. At this point in time it is just over 18 hours away from whatever Bethesda is counting down for. Is this a signal for the long-awaited sequel to the 2008 Game of the Year, Fallout 3? It’s definitely a game as scrolling down reveals a footer that not only has copyright Bethesda and all that, but also a Rating Pending symbol from the ESRB.

Be sure to check back here at for more news after the timer counts to zero!

As a plus, my Nvidia Shield Pro console will be here on the 5th of June (that’s this Friday), and I intend to if at all possible have an unboxing video. I’m going away for the weekend and I will play with it during my vacation, but if I can’t provide an unboxing I will write some form of article or make a YouTube video talking about it as soon as I can.

– Gavin (Gaveroid)

The image and tweet shown in this article are property of Bethesda (and the embed of the tweet and Twitter platform of Twitter). The text and all other elements of the article / page unless otherwise specified are owned by Gaveroid.
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