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We have a winner. Gaveroid’s JC-MP Scavenger Hunt Server

by on Jun.29, 2014, under Games, General, PC

We have another Gaveroid’s JC-MP Scavenger Hunt winner. John S. Cooper found the hidden logo on June 26th at 04:14am and won a copy of Bioshock Infinite for the PC. The location was by the crashed plane on Lost Island x:-15117.961914 y:203.465988 z:-12894.352539. This was  Scavenger Hunt number 5.

Stay tuned as a new Scavenger Hunt will begin very soon. In the mean time and if you have not done so already grab a copy of Just Cause 2 thru Steam, download the free multiplayer add-on and connect to our server. We have worked hard to bring you some new and unique features.

Factions can be a lot of fun. You can now set a faction headquarters from a list of bases that are already established and come with a pre-determined number of vehicles, when you set a faction color your faction vehicles will match. Only your  faction members can use your faction vehicles. You can booby trap your faction vehicles with VBIED’s (Vehicle Bourne Improvised Explosive Device) and receive monetary rewards for blowing up your enemies. There are also many helpful tools to manage your faction.  The radar command scans the map and shows you the nearest faction vehicle and member. The vehicles command  shows you all the vehicles in your faction along with their current status. You can become an ally or enemy with other factions and a very intensive heat system will notify you on the minimap when you are in the vicinity of another factions base. This is work in progress as we are adding new faction features all the time.

SAM’s or Surface to Air Missiles are now common in Panau and belong to faction bases. Be careful when flying the skies.

Bounties let’s you set rewards for killing players. An easy and fun way to get players to help eradicate your enemies.

Now, to keep everything going smoothly, we have some rules and disclaimers for Gaveroid’s JC-MP Scavenger Hunt. We will post when the next hunt begins so stay tuned to this website.

Rules and Disclaimers
We are not responsible if the game does not run on your computer. It is your responsibility to make sure it is compatible with your PC and that your PC meets the system requirements. We are not responsible for any errors whatsoever either by the game server, Steam, our website, or you.
The game listed above is what you will receive through Steam. You will not get credited in any other way for the value of the prize. You will not be able to exchange your prize for another or request it for another platform.
After you add the gift to your library, you cannot transfer it to another account or individual. We will not send it to another account or individual. You must have a Steam account, The game Just Cause 2 and The Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod.
If you already own a copy of the game prize we will be unable to send you another copy as a gift through Steam so you are ineligible to win.
Gaveroid’s Scavenger Hunt is not open to Gaveroid system administrators or moderators. No purchase necessary.
Please remember, just because you find the logo does not necessarily mean that you have won. The first person to find the logo and complete the instructions on how to claim your prize will win.

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