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War Z Now Known As Infestation: Survivor Stories is Terrible

by on Jul.13, 2013, under Games, General, PC

ISSI purchased this game via Steam last night for a sale price of $7.49, which in my opinion is $7.49 to much. They should be paying me to play this game. Instead of changing the name from War Z to Infestation: Survivor StoriesΒ Β it should have simply been renamed Crap Z. The apparent reason for the name change was due to some legal issues with a movie that holds a similar title but in reality it was probably to try and hide the negative reviews about the game and trick people in to buying it.

The entireΒ MMO by Hammerpoint Interactive seems to revolve around having to purchase in-game credits to obtain or do anything without spending hours if not days searching around the massive maps to end up finding a pistol or baseball bat but within seconds having a horde of zombies munch on you and having to wait 60 minutes for your character to be able to respawn. There is no free dedicated private server to host your own game but instead you have to rent one for a fee.

I was able to run the graphics settings in Ultra mode and while they were not to shabby in no way did they look like any of the screen shots or HD video found to promote the game which was disappointing.

I would not recommend this game to anyone and give it a big thumbs down, You have to pay extra to do anything and you are frequently kicked from the servers which results in having to wait for the whole game to load again. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this poor excuse of a video game.

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