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Far Cry 3 leaves behind 9GB after GameStop Downloader install

by on Mar.09, 2014, under Games, General, PC

screenshot_fc3If you’re like me and strolled down to a local GameStop to go purchase Far Cry 3 about a year ago, you probably got it through the GameStop Downloader program. Here’s a little trick; the game functions without it, and it leaves behind 9GB of install data that is unneeded to play the game. Now, I did this through the Digital Deluxe edition, so I’m not sure how this goes down in the normal version.

When you install it, it will do it’s thing, and verify through UPlay. However, if you’ve noticed, you don’t need it to play after it’s been validated in UPlay – don’t even notice it’s there. You can pretty much uninstall GameStop’s app at this point (but if you’re like me, you may have crumbled and gotten their Pro Rewards subscription as it comes with GameInformer, you’ll probably need it for more GameStop PC purchases you may make in the future), but it’s not really a bother.

If you navigate into your Ubisoft directory under Program Files, you will find a Far Cry 3 directory and (in my case) a Far Cry 3 Digital Deluxe directory (not sure what it’s called for non-DD owners). The latter should be 9.05GB of data. It should have an Install folder in it, riddled with CAB files. Looks to me like they just beamed over the data straight from the CD! You can delete this, burn it to a disc, move it to a external hard drive (like I did), whatever. I’m in a fight for disc space on my M14xR2 laptop (as with laptops it’s hard to find a decent performance drive over 750GB, not to mention I’d have to upgrade my drive I backup to), so this helped me quite a bit.

I have another way to save disc space coming up soon, so stay tuned here at for the next post!

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