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Arma 3 – Bye alpha, hello Beta! (Arma 3 Beta)

by on Jun.27, 2013, under General

At E3 2013, Bohemia Interactive revealed some beta gameplay of the new version of their currently in-development game Arma 3 that was at the time currently released in Alpha through Valve’s famous digital distributor Steam’s “Early Access” program, where users can purchase games that are still in-development often for a cheaper price, and get the full game on release.

Three days ago, Bohemia Interactive released Arma 3 Beta to the public through Steam’s “Early Access” service, as we said earlier.

It added some new content – some new vehicles, some new weapons, and some new Showcase and Multiplayer scenarios for you to toy around in.

Owners of the Alpha will be able to recieve the Beta thru a simple update distributed by the Steam client. Then, you’re good to go!

In other Arma 3 news, the popular DayZ port titled “Zoombies” has now ditched the dev build, and requires the stable build of Arma 3 to play. For those like me, I didn’t ONLY play Zoombies on Multiplayer, so it was not at all a pleasure to have to do what I think was reinstall the whole game to get to different builds to play either Zoombies, or Stable build servers (Graves Yard Domination, GoT Wasteland, etc.).

If you ever catch a “Gaveroid” or a “Gavin” on Graves Yard Domination Chicago, give me a shout! Sadly, I no longer play on Seattle for reasons that I will not tell. It’s suuuuuuper seeeeeeecret. πŸ™‚

So, thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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-by Gavin Trutzenbach

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