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Wii U version of Aliens: Colonal Marines cancelled

by on Apr.06, 2013, under Games, General

It has been confirmed by major game developer Sega that the Nintendo Wii U version of the recent game “Aliens: Colonal Marines” has been cancelled.

FRom the wikipedia pageIt was the “best looking” version of the title, Randy Pitchford told Gamespot in an interview. Obviously, it would be. The Wii U is a much more powerful system than the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Dangit, developers need to get that through their thick skulls! The Wii U is a next-gen console! You should, by all means, develop your games for it whenever you can, not just shunning it off and only making PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. The more you develop for the Wii U, the more you will get used to making games for it. So, by the time the rumored “Xbox 720” and the confirmed Playstation 4 comes out, developers will know how to develop for the system the best they can. While the PS4 and Xbox 360 might be a tad laggy as it is a new system, the Wii U will have the kinks worked out. I’m surprised that Nintendo isn’t PAYING companies to develop Wii U versions of every one of their games they can just so people will buy the Wii U for the smoother and more polished gameplay experience. It might not work, but, I’m surprised that Nintendo isn’t taking a gamble and trying that.


-by Gavin Trutzenbach (Gaveroid)

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