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Black Ops 2 Uprising CONFIRMED

by on Apr.04, 2013, under Games, General

The new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC titled Uprising that we talked about in an earlier post has been confirmed. A leaked promo for the downloadable content pack had been making it’s way around the world wide web recently.

Found at this URL (, the following is straight from the Activision press release:


“With Uprising, the team has really outdone itself again,”      said Mark Lamia, Treyarch’s Studio Head. “In addition to creating four      amazing new multiplayer maps, the Studio has been hard at work on the      Zombies front to surpass what we accomplished with โ€˜Call of the Dead.’      What they’ve done this time around is nothing Zombies fans have seen      before โ€” and if you don’t believe me, just wait until you get into      Purgatory.”  

      Following tradition of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops      fan-favorite Zombies mode “Call of the Dead,” Call of Duty:      Black Ops II Uprising‘s wildly creative new “Mob of the Dead”      Zombies experience finds the four prohibition-era mobsters, Billy      Handsome (Liotta), Al “The Weasel” Arlington (Pantoliano), Salvatore      “Sal” DeLuca (Palmentiri), and Michael “Finn” O’Leary (Madsen) serving      time in Alcatraz Prison, only to discover that being behind bars is the      least of their problems. With plans to break out of Alcatraz foiled by      the rise of the undead, the quartet of inmates will have to lean on      their mob-derived skills with firearms, blunt instruments and improvised      weaponry as they battle the zombies infesting and overrunning the      island. In order to survive, players must work their way through the      steel cells and aging concrete buildings while fighting off a multitude      of zombified prisoners and guards trapped on the island with them.      Additionally, if a player becomes an unfortunate victim, “Mob of the      Dead’s” new feature known as “Purgatory” sends players into      the afterlife. This new twist on Zombies gameplay is ripe with its own      set of objectives, and offers fans a truly new and unique experience.  

Uprising also delivers another four new, exotic and      diverse multiplayer maps set around the globe for fans to jump into.      “Magma” is a modern Japanese village with volcanic eruptions carving      multiple paths throughout the town. “Encore” takes place in the      aftermath of a deserted London music festival and leaves numerous      opportunities for run-and-gun, close quarters combat. “Vertigo” is a      futuristic high rise in India housing a high-tech lab featuring dizzying      vistas and multi-tiered pathways. Finally, “Studio” is a contemporary      remake of “Firing Range,” a fan-favorite multiplayer map from the      original Call of Dutyยฎ: Black Ops. “Studio” is a Hollywood      movie back lot with a variety of cinematic themes that range from Sci-Fi      to the Old West.

Now, back to the article. In the press release, it talked about the new Zombies map, “Mob of the Dead”. It’s new Purgatory feature sounds cool. Also, the CQB in “Encore” sounds pretty cool, too. I like CQB maps. “Vertigo” sounds like it’s gonna have a science-ey theme. Is that a word? I don’t think so. Oh, well. This one sounds like my favorite – “Vertigo” is supposedly a remake of “Firing Range”, one of my FAVORITE maps in the original Black Ops… I can’t wait to see how it turns out! *girly squeal* NERDGASM ALERT.


If you’d like, drop me a line in the comments to tell me if you’d like to see some footage of the Uprising maps when they come out! I have the Season Pass, so, I get ALL DLC, right when it comes out, as I have it on Xbox, which the DLC comes out on first!


by Gavin Trutzenbach, Owner

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