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LucasArts is shutting down, only approximately 5 months after being acquired by Disney

by on Apr.03, 2013, under Games, General, Movies

LucasArtsSadface. Another classic game developer, LucasArts, the video game branch of LucasFilm, has shut down only 154 days (approximately 5 months) after being aquired by Disney for approximately $4 billion dollars. EDIT: LucasFilm was also bought by Disney. Their current projects have also been cancelled – like “Star Wars 1313”.

But, for people who were anticipating “Star Wars 1313”, I predict that they could make a deal with another development company to continue on the project. Why would they fork out $4 billon dollars for a large game development company, only to shut it down 5 months later? Maybe, their idea was, buy the company, make a bit of money off of it for a few months, and shut it down and sell the highest paying and most popular games/game series rights to other companies. Think how many companies would pay to buy some of the LucasArts game franchises – Disney would probably at least break even on that, if it worked at all.

LucasArts also created the “Monkey Island” series, as well as ScummVM, and Grim Fandango – along with many other classics. I don’t see why Disney would shut them down – why not just sell the company for even more that they paid Lucasfilm for it? Even if the buyer would catch on that they didn’t pay that much for the company when Disney bought it – it’s LucasArts we’re talking about here. In a buyer’s eyes, it would be worth it.

Disney should have kept open LucasArts. The company still could have made money – they came out with “The Force Unleashed” Star Wars series – and they made money from it. They could still have made money, they just needed some fresh ideas. But, I’m sure Disney has their reasons.

I personally think that Lucasfilm shouldn’t have made that deal with Disney in the first place unless if LucasArts was going bankrupt. If that was the case, then why would Disney want it? Lucasfilm should have kept the company, I think. Look at it this way – other than from merchandise, how much money does Lucasfilm make from other things? LucasArts was one of their main money makers, if I’m correct. Maybe it’s just me, though.

Farewell, LucasArts. The gaming community will miss you.

by Gavin Trutzenbach, Owner

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