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PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: MSI Afterburner’s Recording Feature

by on Mar.05, 2013, under General, PC

I recently discovered MSI Afterburner, but not to overclock! I found it as a recording program!

Surprisingly, the freeware popular overclocking tool also doubles as a program to record gameplay with… who knew?


So, it records some pretty good video. My latest Microsoft Flight montage was recorded with it – but, don’t judge that as the program’s full quality. I just didn’t record it in full 1080p – silly me!

So, if you want to start up a YouTube channel, download MSI Afterburner, and record some gameplay with that, and either Windows Movie Maker or iMovie should do fine. Along with a decent internet connection for uploading, a microphone for commentary (if you want to that’s a good idea), and a decent computer, that’s all you need to start up a decent PC gaming YouTube channel! You will need some games, though. Derp!

MSI Afterburner is a good choice for recording games, as it is a freeware program that does the job well!



by Gavin (gaveroid)

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