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We are Helms Deep In It

by on Mar.03, 2013, under Games

L4D Blog
With today’s update, we fixed an issue with dedicated servers and workshop content.  This should resolve some of the consistency issues people are seeing while playing on a dedicated server.
Server operators will need to move workshop content from addons to addons/workshop for it to work correctly – sorry about that.
To celebrate, we are adding Helm’s Deep Reborn to our own official servers.  Gone is the long explanation of how to download and install the campaign.  Now – just visit its workshop page and click subscribe.  Next time you open Left 4 Dead 2 it will begin to download.  If the campaign gets updated – it updates automatically for you.  It’s that easy.

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  • Gaveroid

    This will be great for Left 4 Dead 2 lovers, as that means there will be a new official campaign! I love the idea of adding Steam Workshop, as it will be an easier way to get fan made content, so there will be a smaller chance of you screwing up your game files with some DLC that may not work, where as if it is on the Steam Workshop, more people will use it and bugs will be worked out faster. I think it’s a great way for developers to distribute their content and for people to access that content.

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