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Author Topic: United Factions Information Megathread
Posts: 17
Post United Factions Information Megathread
on: December 5, 2015, 21:54

United Factions Information Megathread

This is the official megathread for the United Factions union on JC-MP, ran by Gaveroid staff.

If you wish to join the United Factions please speak to Gaveroid (or a UF member who will then alert Gaveroid). By joining the United Factions you agree to the terms.

------------FACTIONS & REPRESENTATIVES------------
Nexus, represented by BlueFireGhost
Admin, represented by Gaveroid
Bloodhounds, represented by Agent Washington
BountyLegends, represented by The Legendary Reaper
ARPN, represented by John Minefield

FEDERATION, represented by RetroFinn (lied to / shot UF, lied to staff, kicked from UF permanently and 48-hour server banned)


Section 1 - Conflict

1-1a - If you (whether you're in the UF or not) attack a UF member first, you are the enemy and will be terminated (victim is favored).

1-1b - Internal wars will be dealt with by terminating the original provoker.

1-2 - If you are a UF faction and engage in war with another faction that is a threat to you, we will help you.

1-3a - If you are a UF faction and engage in war with another faction that is not a threat to you, we will only help you if you are at risk of faction disbandment.

1-4 - External wars will not be dealt with at all unless UF factions are at risk.

1-5 - In-game conflict is not a war unless declared. Both factions have a choice to turn the situation into roleplay upon declaring war. If the combat was not intended to be roleplay, it does not count. This is to give players a chance to have the core JC-MP experience if they do not wish to engage in roleplay. Whether the situation is to be counted as roleplay or not is at the discretion of Gaveroid staff in the UF.

1-6 - Enemies may surrender, in which the war will end.

Section 2 - Structure & Management

2-1 - The UF will be operated as a democracy - if this state is not obtainable Gaveroid and JCMP staff in the UF will take over and restore the democracy.

2-2 - If you miss (whether by accident or you choose not to attend) a meeting, any issues and decisions made may be final even without your presence.

Freshly Formed Roid
Posts: 9
Post Re: United Factions Information Megathread
on: December 6, 2015, 10:38

Our Logo:



Freshly Formed Roid
Posts: 3
Post Re: United Factions Information Megathread
on: March 21, 2016, 11:19

Bountylegends is under new leadership. At this point i have not yer decided what to do and would like to remain in the united factions

Freshly Formed Roid
Posts: 2
Post Re: United Factions Information Megathread
on: November 22, 2016, 16:32

Just got to leave a reaction on this. MI6 wants to create/join such an alliance some time. Maybe something could be arranged in the (near) future. 😛

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