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Tag: jc2-mp

JC2MP – SubZer0 Memorial Roadtrip

by on Dec.16, 2016, under Games, General, JC2-MP

Back in October we lost a great member of the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer community – SubZer0. In memory of him, MI6 (our JCMP clan partners) and ourselves will be holding a memorial roadtrip on our Just Cause 2 Multiplayer server. SubZer0 was the leader of the Panauan Roadtrip Federation (also known as PAROFED), which is why we are doing a roadtrip – we hope he would have approved of what we have put together.

It will take place on Saturday, December 17th, 3PM EST/8PM GMT/9PM GMT+1. All are welcome. Rest in peace SubZer0, you will be greatly missed.

Server IP:

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Partnership with MI6

by on Nov.22, 2016, under Games, General, JC2-MP, PC

mi6_logo_wide_transparentWe are happy to announce a new partnership with MI6, a faction / group in the JC2MP community. Along with this partnership, we would like to welcome four new members onto our JC2MP moderation team, who are all members of MI6: Indiana Mark, Jigsaw, Chou, and Ralstoni64.

Not only are weΒ looking forward to this partnership and the great things we are sure will come from it, but we are also proud to be the new home of MI6.

Go check out MI6:


Steam Group

Read more about them on our forums!

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Gaveroid’s JC2MP Server – The Hunt Continues…

by on Nov.15, 2016, under Games, JC2-MP

20161112165909_1SCAVENGER HUNT:
We have our first and second winner on Gaveroid’s JC2MP server and moved the “G” logo location again. We will keep doing this until we get bored. Congrats Chou_Mahou_Henshin on finding it both times. First was Sunday at 1:43AM GMT, location:Β -3466.203125, 230.749924, 14051.098633 and the second was found on Monday 12:53AM GMT, location:Β -15001.095703, 203.141113, -2618.893311.

This hunts prize is 1,000,000 (one million) in-game dollars and 1000 points and can be won by multiple players. Each time a player finds the “G” logo and claims it we will move it and start over again.

20161113153945_1This “continuous” scavenger hunt is leading up to the biggest Gaveroid event ever. We will be giving away not only a Steam PC game but also 1 billion dollars and 1 hundred thousand points. This will guarantee you will never have to worry about money and points on our server again (unless you give it all away, or get robbed by the snowman, who i have heard is going to start travelling Panau and mug people randomly) but will also give you the 1 billion achievement. Happy hunting.

Our scavenger hunt rules and disclaimer has been updated recently. They can be read on our JC2MP server by pressing the F9 button or by clicking here.

jcmp-billboard-advertisementWe now have available advertising space on our Just Cause 2 and Garry’s Mod servers. If you are familiar with either game you would have noticed billboards placed around each of the maps. If interested you can place an add on those billboards. You can advertise a business, a server or maybe a steam group. We have no set prices and would even consider some sort of trade. Contact either Gaveroid or Darwood37 for more information and to work something out.


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