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Gaveroid’s DarkRP Server

Server Address:
Port: 27015


Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox. We give you the tools and leave you to play.  Please note: Some multiplayer servers and game-modes might require you to own other games – such as Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2. Some servers such as Gaveroid’s DarkRP has a roleplay game-mode which require the player to abide by certain rules and laws.


Explore, Discover, Reside.

gmod_loadingGaveroid’s DarkRP Server is a game-mode for the popular game Garry’s Mod with the idea of a simulation of urban life.

You could become a gangster and rob people or perhaps become a police officer to protect the town from outlaws. You could open a gun shop or a pizzeria where you sell the most delicious food in town. Or you can become the mayor and manage the city, namely the police, urban economies and licensing people.

Click here to visit the official DarkRP wiki and find out more about the game-mode or click here for the official DarkRP web site.


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Gaveroid Servers:

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Gaveroid’s JC2MP Server
Gaveroid’s DarkRP Server –
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Gaveroid’s Teamspeak Server –
Gaveroid’s Discord Server –


Gaveroid’s DarkRP Server Rules

These are simple and common sense.

General Rules

  • DON’T MESS WITH OTHER PLAYERS’ STUFF. If they want help, they’ll ask!
  • Have fun.
  • No vigilantism.
  • New Life Rule (NLR) – Upon death, you forget everything that happened in your past life. You may not return to the area in which you died for 10 minutes.
  • Respect the Owner, Administrators and other players.
  • Do not argue with the Owner, Administrators, more than likely doing so will get you banned.
  • No spam. *This is enforced when a player violates this rule “several” times.  This includes, but is not limited to, repeated keystrokes, weblinks, and CAPS, etc… If players ask you to stop, that means to STOP.
  • NO defamatory language… a few words of rage is acceptable; carrying on is not.
  • NO soliciting. You cannot try to sell or promote anything on this server without prior consent from the Owner or an Administrator. This includes other game servers.
  • NO obsessive discussions about other game servers. To mention you are leaving to join another server is fine but to discuss other servers in greater detail is not.
  • NO Impersonating Gaveroid staff members.
  • NO cheating, hacks, or any programs that afford an unfair advantage.
  • NO evading bans or kicks using alternate accounts or other means.
  • NO abusing props (blocking, surfing, etc.).
  • Basic laws (ones marked with * may not be modified / removed): no killing*, no robbing*, no raiding*, guns bigger than a pistol must have a license, speed limit is 40 in the city and 60 on longer roads, firing out in the open for no reason is illegal.
  • NO playing or linking to 18+ / NSFW content through the radio, cinema, voice, sprays, etc.
  • NO random killing / attacking (RDM – random deathmatch).
  • NO ignoring the duties required of you to do your job.
  • NO raiding unless you are a Thief, Gangster, or CP (with a warrant from the mayor.)
  • NO occupying the building for longer than 10 minutes after a raid.
  • NO breaking (as anyone) / modifying (as mayor) basic laws: no killing, robbing, guns bigger than a pistol must have a license, speed limit is 40 in the city and 60 on longer roads, firing out in the open for no reason is illegal.
  • NO mugging or raiding the same person under 10 minutes since your last attempt.
  • NO going on random killing sprees as a terrorist under an hour since your or another person’s last attempt.
  • NO FailRP.
  • Fading doors must have a keypad.
  • There must be a way for others to break into your base.
  • NO raiding a building while the owners are building (NOTE: you must put a “building” sign outside – DO NOT abuse this).
  • NO raiding / mugging / kidnapping without doing an advert first.
  • NO abusive metagaming (using outside means of communication to overpoweringly aid your RP character).
  • NO building in the streets unless you are a hobo; and then, do not block others or be annoying / interfering.
  • NO owning bigger than a handgun if you are a hobo.
  • NO owning doors (a building) as a hobo.


Civil Protection Rules

  • NO RDA (random arrest).
  • NO raiding a building without a warrant from the mayor (even if there is no mayor present).
  • NO arrest spamming.
  • NO unrealistic takedown attempts (rocket launchering someone who was driving recklessly, running over a thief – pit maneuvers on cars are allowed but not when it could endanger civilians).
  • NO breaking laws; you are NOT above the law.
  • NO helping outside law-breaking groups (like a CP assisting thieves to raid).
  • NO purchasing / personally owning contraband.
  • NO owning bases; you may own a small personal house, but not an extravagant base. Do not let non-CP roleplaying interfere with CP duties; use it as a way to pass the time.

* Violation of this rule is directly against Steam’s Online Conduct rules per:
If caught, you will be BANNED and potentially reported to Steam.


Reporting Rulebreakers

  • Contact an available admin on this server and let them know.
  • Use @ before typing a chat message to send it to admins. Clearly and calmly explain the situation.
  • If no admin is available, note the players name and the current time, then let an admin know as soon as they are available. Do not be a vigilante.
  • You may use the Contact form here on if no staff members are present. The same rules apply.


Garry’s Mod (also known as gmod) & DarkRP (a roleplay gamemode) Links:

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