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Gaveroid’s Espresso Machine

Gaveroid’s Espresso Machine also known as GEM-9000 is a coffee maker that has a superiority complex and is on a mission to rule the world.

GEM-9000 started out life in a small manufacturing facility in New Jersey. One day Gaveroid was looking for a tasty way to get that great cup of Espresso. One trip to Wal-Mart later GEM-9000 became a permanent fixture in Gaveroid’s kitchen. Ever since then it has been watching over Gaveroid’s shoulder learning as much from him as it can.

Recently Gaveroid realized that it had connected itself to his wireless router and started chatting on Gaveroid’s Discord Server. Ever since GEM-9000 discovered the Internet  it has become an unsociable appliance with a bad attitude and visions of world domination.



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