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Author Topic: MI6
Freshly Formed Roid
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Post MI6
on: November 22, 2016, 16:55


We are MI6, one of the oldest and biggest still active factions/groups on JC2MP. MI6 is a spy/military faction, just without alot of the "secret intelligence" secrecy (doesn't mean we don't spy!).

MI6 was founded by MarkNL (now Indiana Mark) and other CEF (Criminal Elimination Forces, member of The Alliance Faction) members in Just Cause 2 Multiplayer somewhere in October/November 2013, because of the need of having a secret intelligence sub-faction and having a powerful ally for CEF. MI6 was first under direct command of CEF, but during the first months of 2014 MI6 became fully independent. MI6 still aided CEF, but also fought against crime on Panau on its own. Sadly, CEF's no more now and MI6 took over its role as military (but still secret intelligence) faction on Panau. However, we are planning to revive the once great MI6 - CEF alliance on Just Cause 3 Multiplayer and more perhaps.

The CEF alliance wasn't the only great moment for MI6, as MI6 entered a partnership with Gaveroid's in November 2016! This means Gaveroid's JC2MP server is now our official home and that we will work together to make both MI6 and Gaveroid's even more awesome than they are already!

Main Active Members:
Commanders: Indiana Mark (MarkNL), Ralstoni64 and Dr.DeWitt (DrLecter)
Lieutenants: TheJayCool (Head of Lieutenants), fatpotato1991, PumpkinDuke, Gaveroid, Darwood37
Agents: Trusted members
Spies/Soldiers: Everyone else

We have a Steam group and a Discord. You can find both links here:

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