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Author Topic: READ FIRST: Format/Template for Benchmarks TOPIC CLOSED
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Post READ FIRST: Format/Template for Benchmarks
on: August 21, 2014, 00:36

This is the benchmark section of the forums where you can post performance benchmarks of your favorite games and other applications. Before making your first post, read this and use the format described.

Game/Program Name:
Scenario (Map/mission, player count, difficulty)*:
Maximum FPS:
Average FPS:
Minimum FPS:
External Benchmarking Utility***:
Graphical Quality Settings****:
System Specs*****:

* To show the conditions you are under, please note the map/mission you are on, the player count, and the difficulty (if you can) you were playing on. For example, in Battlefield 4, the 64-player and 32-player, etc., versions of a map are different, and more people will cause more ruckus, and put more load on your system.

** If you are using an application like 3DMark or Heaven, this is for the score you get. Put N/A if you aren't using such a program.

*** Please note the software you are using to acquire your framerates/benchmarks. We recommend FRAPS for drawing your FPS rate and doing a min/max/avg benchmark for your application.

**** Please post in detail the exact settings you are using for your game, and if you are using a custom configuration file or not. You can post a screenshot or include a settings screen shot in your video if you wish, but still make sure to note if you're using a custom configuration file.

***** These are the specifications of your system - please note them in detail, listing the exact brand, model, revision, driver version, and clock speeds (if overclocked) if possible. Also, note if it is a pre-built computer (specifying the brand and model) and note if any parts are a reference model.

****** Please post screenshots and videos in a reasonable resolution. If you are going to embed screenshots/videos then please don't use the original size (make it smaller), and just link the original size. We recommend using a program like GeForce Experience Shadowplay (for NVIDIA) or AMD Gaming Evolved (for AMD) to record your gameplay without impacting your framerates. If you are recording with Fraps, DXTORY, etc., (a program that brings a noticeable frame drop), please list so. It's not the best, but if you have a camera of decent quality, you could use that in a desperate situation. Make sure you have FRAPS open at all times, or some way of showing your framerate during your recording.

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