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Computer Services

Gaveroid Computer Services can provide you 13+ years of computer experience to suit your needs. We can get your system running like new again with our system optimization services, or if you have a nasty computer virus we can tackle it. Even for help with a new program or game not running quite the way it should, we’re the ones for the job. Click the business card below to contact.



Services & Rates

Computer Tune-Up: $30 ***

Game Optimization (per game): $20 **

Program Setup / Assistance (per program): $5 *

Virus Removal: $30 *

Hardware / Equipment Setup: $50 *

Game Server Setup: $11.50 per half-hour

Website: $30/hr

Graphic Design (Logos, etc.): $25/hr


* + $11.50 per half-hour over 60 minutes
** Results and fees may vary depending on the game.
*** Computer tune-up fees do not include virus removal fees.
All other services are approximately $25 per hour unless otherwise specified. Don’t worry if your problem is not listed; just contact us!
All fees will be payed in Steam games that add up to approximately the fee we charge. Must have Skype for our services.



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