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Claim Your Prize – Gaveroid’s JC-MP Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations. You are here because you found the hidden logo on Gaveroid’s Just Cause Multiplayer Scavenger Hunt. Make sure you enter your correct information, Steam username and the Scavenger Hunt code. Any additional information is optional and can be used for your ideas and suggestions. Remember the first person to find the hidden logo and complete this form wins the prize, you may not be the first. Once we receive your information please allow 48 hours for us to contact you and send your game to you through Steam.

I have read, understood and agree to the rules and disclaimer shown below.

This hunt’s prize is 1 Million (in-game) dollars & 1000 points


Cash prizes are in-game currency only and not real money. Cash is used for buying items in the game. Points are used for teleporting in the game. The terms cash and points only pertain to virtual items in the game world and no way shape or form represent anything in the real world.
The above prizes can only be given to you when you are online, playing the game on our server. We will arrange a time with you so you can receive your prize.
The above prizes are non-transferable, you cannot ask that we give them to another player, although you are free to do this yourself.

We are not responsible if the game does not run on your computer. It is your responsibility to make sure it is compatible with your PC and that your PC meets the system requirements.We are not responsible for any errors whatsoever either by the game server, Steam, our website, or you.
The game listed is what you will receive through Steam. You will not get credited in any other way for the value of the prize. You will not be able to exchange your prize for another. After you add the gift to your library, you cannot transfer it to another account or individual.
You must have a Steam account, The game Just Cause 2 and The Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod.
If you already own a copy of the game prize we will be unable to send you another copy as a gift through Steam so you are ineligible to win.

The Scavenger Hunt is not open to Gaveroid system administrators or moderators, past or present. No purchase necessary. Please remember, just because you find the logo does not necessarily mean that you have won. The first person to find the logo and complete the instructions on how to claim the prize will win.

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