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JC-MP Server Renamed

by on Sep.13, 2015, under Games, General, JC2-MP

Gaveroids JC-MP loading screenWe have made the decision to rename our Just Cause 2 Multiplayer (JC-MP) server to “Gaveroid’s – Explore, Discover, Destroy!” Don’t be alarmed; the server will remain exactly as it is before. Although we are dropping “Scavenger Hunt” from the name in place of our new tagline, “Explore, Discover, Destroy!”, the scavenger hunt will remain a part of the server and will still be tended to – just not as the main focus.

Part of the reason for the name change is that our server has become much more than just a Scavenger Hunt. Players spend just as much time exploring the other things we have to offer like nuclear submarines, factions, etc., as they do the Scavenger Hunt, and since we have been adding and improving many new additions that don’t relate to the Scavenger Hunt, we feel that a name that generalizes the idea of our server would be more fitting. We chose “Explore, Discover, Destroy!” because we have many features for you to Explore, the Scavenger Hunt hidden object for you to Discover, and other faction bases, nuclear submarines, and more for you to Destroy.

Again, don’t be alarmed; even with the name change it will still be business as usual, and if you were intending to find the hidden object for the Scavenger Hunt you won’t be deprived of that fun and unique activity. The new name helps reflect on other things that make the server special as well, rather than solely focusing on the Scavenger Hunt. We hope you continue to have fun with the server and all of its’ future updates!


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