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5AM Gaming

by on Nov.22, 2014, under Games, General, PC

We are pleased to announce that Gaveroid’s JC-MP Scavenger Hunt Server is now affiliated with 5AM Gaming.

You must be a member of the Steam GroupΒ to receive the following exclusive content and perks for 5AM Gaming members:

  • Under vehicle neon lighting to match your player color. Type /neon in chat to toggle on and off.
  • Access to the “Location Map”. Press F2 to display a map showing all players,factions and nuclear sub locations.
  • Increased AFK time limit from 5 to 10 minutes until you are kicked from the server for being inactive.
  • Higher dollar amounts found in the cash crates.
  • Advanced notification of special server events and competitions.
  • Increased pay day amount from $2000 to $2500.
  • Increased bonus for every 15 minutes you are online from $250 to $325.
  • Added advantage (increased hints) to finding the hidden logo on our Scavenger Hunt.

Once you have connected to the server you will see the 5AM Gaming logo on the upper right of your screen.
If you are a 5AM Gaming member and you cannot see the logo or you cannot access the exclusive content please note it takes about 15 minutes for our server to obtain the list of members. If you are still having problems contact one of the admins for help.

We are currently working on adding some exclusive player models, appearance items and vehicles. A temporary God Mode.

In closing, The official JC-MP Scavenger Hunt Server has many things to offer. We have Advanced Factions, Derbies, Races, Player Bounties and Nuclear Submarine Patrols and a whole lot more. Find cash crates, win races and claim bounty rewards to help build your wealth. Visit our custom locations, Gaveroid Airport, Gaveroid House and the Gaveroid Space Program. Press F5 once connected for a complete list of available gameplay add-ons. We recommend purchasing the DLC content for the best experience. If you do not own the content, you will not be able to see it or the players using it.

Explore, Discover, Destroy.

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