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DayZ Lead Dev Dean “Rocket” Hall’s Building on Fire?

by on Oct.23, 2014, under Games, General

This just in: the lead developer of the hit zombie survival game DayZ, Dean “Rocket” Hall, just sent out a tweet that his building was on fire.

According to a tweet sent just afterwards, he noticed some water leakage up above him, called reception, and they told him to get out of the burning building as it was on fire.

Hopefully they get the fire out quickly. He just said “my building,” which is most likely his apartment where he lives. Hopefully the fire can be contained and everyone gets out safely. As for the image below that Rocket tweeted, it doesn’t look like too massive of a fire.

Picture taken by Dean Hall (@rocket2guns) and posted to Twitter.

Picture taken by Dean Hall (@rocket2guns) and posted to Twitter.

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