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Infestation: Survivor Stories Guide.

by on Jul.21, 2013, under Games, General, PC

After moaning about this game if have strangely enough become addicted. I was able to kill my first Zombie while being munched on and killed about 30 seconds afterwards. My second attempt by stabbing one of these with a pitch fork which i found was so much easier than using the flashlight, this was put to an abrupt halt because I was surrounded by around 5 Zombies that killed me in 2 seconds.



Infestation MapI decided to search for some tips and hints to playing this game and surprisingly enough people have taken the time to put together some very useful information found in the Infestation Wiki.

May i suggest reading the Beginners Guide first this will help you understand the game greatly.

The first useful piece of information i found was the map of the Boulder City area of Colorado where it all takes place. It will show you safe settlements, places where players can exchange items and more. There is also an interactive map which is a lot easier to use.

After reading through the Wiki i found Infestation: Survivor Stories a lot easier and I was able to move around better without being noticed.

Hopefully I will have some more free time this week so i can put all this useful information in to play again and just see what i can accomplish.

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