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Xbox One will not be an option for armed forces members around the world

by on Jun.17, 2013, under General

Due to information exposed at the recent Xbox Reveal show at the E3 Electronics Expo 2013 last week, Microsoft’s new product in their flagship gaming console line, titled the “Xbox One,” will not be an option for armed forces members around the world.

Many armed forces members around the globe enjoy playing Microsoft’s Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation console during downtime. That may have to stop – at least on the Xbox One side of things.

Naval aviator Jay Johnson said, “Microsoft has single handedly alienated the entire military. And not just the U.S. military β€” the militaries of the entire world.”

The issues are some of the Xbox One’s supposedly “mindblowingly great and innovative,” as some Microsoft fanboys (like myself – I LOVE Microsoft!) may say. Those features are the mandatory Kinect sensor, and the new DRM system.

First off – Kinect. Since the Kinect’s microphone listens in at all times (even when the console is in sleep mode) for your commands, that may give some military commanders the willies, as not just casual conversation may be picked up by the third-party device.

Next, the DRM system. The troops may not be able to get access to the internet to check in once every 24 hours (which is now required by the next-gen console) if they’re on, say, a military ship out in the middle of nowhere, etc. Or, if they’re in one of the 21 countries that you must be in to access Xbox Live on the Xbox One, they won’t be able to check in, even if they DO have an internet connection. Also, with this DRM thing, it might region-lock you – if you’re even using a US console and in, say, China, you might not be able to play US games I believe.

So, way to go, Microsoft. Now, you’ve ticked the military off – that’ll be good for your sales! That also means that military personnel might either A. not buy the Xbox One and stay with their 360, or, B. buy the PS4.

Good to go, Microsoft! *sarcasm alert*

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