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Alienware Arena Game Night – Steam Group

by on Apr.27, 2013, under Games, General, PC

Hello, readers!


      Today, I will talk to you about a wonderful Steam group called Alienware Arena Game Night (AWAGN)! They’re a group of gamers from AlienwareArena who get together most nights and play video games! Did I mention that they also have a chat room? I’m almost always in there if I’m at my computer, by the way! Check them out, as well as check out AlienwareArena! Here’s the game night schedule, as well as a link to the Steam Community page for the group, along with a link to AlienwareArena!

     If you like gaming, having fun, and chatting with others, come to AlienwareArena Game Night, and sign up for AlienwareArena while you’re at it!

by Gavin Trutzenbach

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