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Rumors for supposed 2nd and 3rd Black Ops 2 DLC Packs – Uprising and Orientation

by on Apr.03, 2013, under Games, General

Hello readers,

Black Ops 2 Uprising Leaked PictureWe here on have some great new gaming news! Recently, on the net, someone on Twitter (pooop123b) exposed a picture of a leaked card for the next Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 map pack, called “Uprising”. It comes with some new multiplayer maps, “Vertigo”, “Encore”, “Magma”, and “Studio”. It also comes with a new Zombies map, “Mob of the Dead”. I’m surprised that Treyarch hasn’t thrown in a new gun for this DLC pack – it worked for sales last time. Maybe… they just don’t mention it on the promo for some outlandishly odd reason. I just don’t know. The release date looks like it says April 18th, but it is slightly difficult to read as there is a light reflecting off of the smooth-surfaced card. If the date is April 18th, you can expect it to come out on April 18th for Xbox 360 users, and approximately a month later for PS3 and PC gamers. Is this rumor real, or is it a phony fake? That would be a shame after the Black Ops 2 Orientation supposed fake rumor that went ’round the web, which I am just getting to.  This is the link to the post
( Next paragraph, ho!


Black Ops 2 Orientation DLC LeakedThere is also another rumor that some sources have deemed fake, about the 3rd DLC pack for Black Ops 2, titled “Orientation”. However, many sites say it is fake. MP1st ( Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief David Veselka wrote an article
saying that if you look at the picture, you can pick out flipped versions of images from “Call of Duty Online” wallpapers. If you didn’t know, Call of Duty Online is a version of Call of Duty that is free to play, only available to China, however. I, personally, don’t think it resembles any of those wallpapers. It looks legit in my eyes – I have to disagree with most of the press on this one. It comes with multiplayer maps called “Water”, “Southpaw”, “Mobile”, and “Plane”. It also comes with a Zombies map called “Dead High”, and a new gun, which the name of is obscured.


Thank you for reading!

-by Gavin Trutzenbach

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